Fixing Borderless Printing Issues on Epson SureColor P700 and P900 Printers

I occasionally make cards from my photos. One of my favorite papers for cards is River Linen by Red River Paper. It’s got a good weight and a nice surface texture embossed during the manufacturing process. The paper works great for designs with or without borders, but I like the borderless look.

While working out some printing issues, I ended up updating all of my software, including updating to the most recent (as of mid-November 2023) KHo4NA firmware for my Epson P700 printer. After that update, I couldn’t do borderless prints on the River Linen paper anymore. Every time I tried, I got this error message: “The loaded paper does not support borderless printing. Print without setting borderless printing.”

After a bunch of experimentation, I finally tracked it down to a setting in the Epson media file provided by Red River Paper. They like to turn off the “Check Paper Size” option because they’ve seen it cause some spurious printing failures. Unfortunately, it looks like the printer now requires this setting for some borderless printing.

I followed Red River’s instructions for editing EMY files using Epson Media Installer. After turning off the Check Paper Size option for the RR River Linen paper, I was able to do borderless prints again.