I’m an amateur wildlife photographer based in San Francisco. My work focuses on wildlife found in the San Francisco Bay Area, especially birds and mammals. As a lifelong city resident, I like to highlight the connection between wildlife and the human environment whenever possible. There’s lots of wildlife to be seen by getting out of the city, but there’s also a lot of wildlife right in or near the city.

I’m working on a guide to some of the more popular bird photography spots in the Bay Area to help out aspiring photographers. The guide is organized by region, including San Francisco, the North Bay, and the South Bay. You can read more about my work here.

Recent Photos

  • Bobcat Prize
  • Black Oystercatcher Landing
  • Rise and Shine
  • Tule Elk Silhouette
  • First Weasel
  • Quailcopter
  • Misty Morning Elk
  • Down the Hatch

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Recent Outings

More outings…


These are some of my favorite wildlife images. Click here for a more complete portfolio organized by species. Check out my bird photography guide for a narrated portfolio organized by location.